Monday, July 16, 2007

Bank of America Business CERT Training

On July 11th, the Delaware Citizen Corps State Community Emergency Response Team and the Wilmington Office of Emergency Management taught a Business CERT Course in Wilmington to the Bank of America. Twenty Managers and Supervisors attended the course which was very well received. Plans are now being developed to make the program available to the employees of Bank of America.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

American Legion and Citizen Corps Update

Latest update on the American Legion and Delaware Citizen Corps partnership:

1. American Legion and Citizen Corps are affiliated partners

2. The American Legion has been invited now sits on the State Citizen Corps Council.

3. A training program is being developed to provide a train-the-trainer for the Legion on Community Emergency Response Training (CERT).

4. A briefing on the CERT program was provided at Legion Post 2 on May 21 in Dover, DE.

5. MOU is under development and will reinforce the commitment between Citizen Corps and American Legion with regard to Citizen Preparedness.

As more information is released, it will be posted here on current events.

Program In Case of Emergency

Recent history has demonstrated that persons not prepared to deal with emergencies are more likely to end up becoming victims.

It takes a average of 5 hours and 51 minutes for family members to be contacted in an emergency. When you program an emergency contact into your cell phone under ICE - In Case of Emergency- you provide critical information to emergency personnel.

During these turbulent and uncertain times, we as citizens have been called upon to actively participate in preparing for our safety and survival.

If you, your family or group have special medical or support needs, it is important that you to take the time NOW to ensure they are addressed instead of wasting precious time during the chaos of a crisis. This is where ICE ( In Case of Emergency) can help. Just program ICE next to the name of the person you would want to be contacted then emergency workers will be able to contact them.

For more information, contact: Kathleen Aviles, Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Service Email: or Phone:800-815-5465