Saturday, January 23, 2016

Disabilities LIFE Conference

On January 20th, Marny McLee, Citizen Corps and CERT Program Manager, donated 500 Citizen Corps lanyards with a 2G Travel USB Drive to the Disabilities LIFE Conference. This is the fifth year that Citizen Corps has been a sponsor for the event and has made a donation of lanyards, which are preloaded with disability forms. Kristin E. Cosden, Social Service Administrator, Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC), is the point of contact for the Conference.
Marny McLee with the Planning Committee

Friday, January 15, 2016

Citizen Corps Preparedness Night with the 87ers

The Delaware Citizen Corps would like to announce our new partnership with the Delaware 87ers Basketball Team. The 87'ers are a D-League affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers, and play at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, DE.

We will have a Citizen Corps Preparedness Night on January 29th, at 7PM. The event is co-sponsored with the Wilmington and New Castle County EOC/Citizen Corps Councils, and our normal partners, PHPS, DMRC, ARC, and others. The team will wear the Citizen Corps logo on their uniforms, our logo will be on the court, and there will be a silent auction of the players' jerseys, with the proceeds being donated to the American Red Cross. The shirts will be laundered before being sent to the winners.

Through Citizen Corps, there is an opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to  the game. Through our promotion code, 20% of the proceeds of tickets purchased will benefit American Red Cross. We ask that you promote this code to your partners, employees, and supporters. This is a great opportunity to help raise additional proceeds.

Tickets can be purchased by going to and using the code “CitizenCorps”.

There will be display tables for our partners to talk with you and share their outreach materials with you. Additionally, it is Faith and Family Night, and there will be a Kids Zone for children.  It is sure to be a fun night, and we would love your support, so stop out and share the evening with Citizen Corps.

Contact: Marny D. McLee Sr., Citizen Corps Program Manager, if you have any questions at 302 659-2243.