Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marydel Community Preparedness Presentation

On November 9th, Bob George and Marny McLee (Citizen Corps Staff) were joined by Don Knox (Natural Hazards Supervisor) of DEMA as they presented a Disaster Preparedness Presentation for the Marydel Senior Community Association at their monthly meeting. Dave Carpenter, the New Castle County Coordinator of Emergency Management, gave a presentation on Kent County's Evacuation Plan and how it applies to their organization during a disaster.

He was joined by Ashley Reilley of the Emergency Services Corps (ESC) at the New Castle County Office of Emergency Management (OEM). To start things off, Representative Osienski gave a presentation on a few current events in the district that applied to seniors and the MaryDel Community. The point of contact for the event was Ms. Adie Ecret.

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